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  • Cemag 403 agigator

    Agitator with medium volume

    The CEMAG agitator with its sloping bottom and inclined agitator shaft, creates the important counter currents which keep the quality of the grout for a long time. CEMAG can be delivered in four different sizes of containers: CEMAG 202, 402, 802 and 1602 for a volume of 200, 400, 800 and 1600...

  • Cemix

    High quality cement mixing

    Cemix grout mixer is a high speed and high shear mixer of colloidal type which grants a superior quality in your grout. The mixer produces a thoroughly uniform mix, free lumps or aggregates with every cement particle individually separated and wetted. This process takes place through the mixer´s...

  • Logac G5 Gl 10

    Electronic recorder for sampling and storing of data

    The Atlas Copco Logac system is a computerised logging system for sampling and storing of data during grouting or similar operations. The Logac G5 is the latest version, characterized by improved reliability and simplicity in operation.

  • Pumpac

    Grouting pump

    The Pumpac grout pump features a robust design, based on a single cylinder, double acting piston. Pumpac pump is capable of pumping most grout mixtures used for sealing and reinforcement of rock, soil and concrete. It is built with best abrasion resistant material and features a smart,...

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